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The Best-Kept Secret in Skin Care Beauty Tips

download (2)Looked into the mirror and wanted to do something about your skin condition? Is your skin too oily, too dry or have acne and pimples? Need some good skin care beauty tips? Skin care beauty tips do wonders for the complexion and boost your self-confidence. This is even so for man as well. The thought that only women seek out beauty tips are a thing of the past. Today, men are as concerned about their appearance as women.

One good skin care beauty tip is to use common natural items found at home. Unnatural products – products that contain too much chemicals, is not good for the skin. No matter how good the promises the products promised, one can end up doing more harm than good to the skin. Natural beauty products are made from plant essence and other organic elements. Look to these types of tips as these will do miracles for one’s skin care needs.

3 Skin Nutrition Secrets For Beautiful Skin

images (3)No matter how vigilant you are, your skin takes a beating. It’s a tough world out there – and your skin is on the front lines. However, all is not lost. You don’t have to resign yourself to your skin showing every battle it has waged with the elements. Nor do you have to suffer further abuse through lasers, needles or surgery. Put these 3 natural skin renewal steps to work. And revel in what you see when you look in the mirror.

The Most Important Skin Nutrient: Water

Your skin needs water more than anything else.

Consider this: Newborns’ skin can have as much as 83% water content. [1] Young children have about 65% water concentration in their skin. However, as we age, our bodies just can’t seem to hold onto it as well. An adult woman averages about 55% water.[2]

Now it’s hard to change how your body retains water as you get older. But no matter what, you can make sure you replenish your water supply more quickly by drinking more.

When you’re well hydrated, you’ll enjoy fuller, smoother skin. Wrinkles and sags start to disappear as your skin stretches tautly across your face.

But the benefits go even further…

  • Your body uses water to help remove toxins from your body.
  • Water increases blood flow, making it easier for your body to bring nutrients to your skin.
  • Good hydration increases your immune system’s mobility, making it easier for your body to repair damaged areas.

Simply by drinking more water you’ll make it easier for your body’s innate repair crews to do their work on your skin.

Essential Skin Nutrition

From collagen-production to immunity, your skin depends on good nutrition to keep doing its job… and looking good while doing it.

Key nutrients for your skin include:

  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a key nutrient in collagen production. Even more intriguing, recent laboratory studies indicate that vitamin C may actually turn on genes in your skin cells responsible for regeneration.[3]
  • Vitamin A -Recent research shows that vitamin A seems to increase the production of two key skin health components – procollagen, the precursor to collagen, and glycosaminoglycan. Glycosaminoglycan seems to help your skin hold onto water, help with collagen production and reduce wrinkles.[4]
  • Nucleic Acids - Anti-aging pioneer, Dr. Ben Frank, author of the classic book Eat and Grow Young, pointed out, healthy cell replication requires a good supply of nucleic acids. Dr. Frank noted that a diet high in nucleotides resulted in less wrinkles and better skin tone.[5]
  • Beta Glucans -Clinical studies have demonstrated these special immune-stimulating molecules can help burn patients heal,[6] protect your skin from UV light[7] and speed up overall skin renewal.[8]

By giving your skin these essential nutrients, you help your skin take care of itself.

Restore Your Skin

Beaten up by the elements, your skin is constantly regenerating itself. Cell by cell, your body keeps rebuilding this outer frontier. On average the entire outer layer of your skin is replaced every week.

Your body requires tremendous nutrition simply to fuel this constantly changing set of cells.

And it also requires very specific nutrition that stimulates and supports cell replication. Nutrition like chlorella growth factor (CGF).

Growth factors are found throughout nature, in plants and animals alike. They are the chemical signals that promote wound healing and tissue growth, through cell replication and differentiation.

Weight Loss Skin Care – Beauty Tips For Dieters

download (3)When you lose weight your body is changing rapidly. These changes will be reflected in your skin, and sometimes not in a good way. You can suffer from stretch marks, as well as acne and breakouts. Let’s look at how you can handle those challenges.

Stretch marks are revealed as you start to lose weight. You may have the silvery marks on your tummy, your thighs, and on your underarms as well. These marks will fade over time.

Acne can be more challenging. Just when you’re starting to lose weight and are looking great and feeling good, you start to get acne.

Stretch Marks and Other Skin Care Concerns

As you continue to lose weight, you may find that your skin is more oily, or even more dry. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water. The water is essential because as your body burns fat, it releases toxins, which are stored in the fat, into your system. Water will flush your system, and you’ll feel better.

Use cocoa butter and vitamin E oil on your stretch marks each day. Massage the butter and oil mixture into your skin.

Acne and Breakouts

Acne and breakouts can be challenging. If you drink enough water, you’ll minimize the chances that you get breakouts.

You should use natural skin care, so that you’re not clogging your pores with chemicals.

If you have acne, use an oatmeal and milk rinse on your face daily. To make the rinse, take a teaspoon of oatmeal, and soak it in a cup of milk overnight. Massage this rinse into your skin and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it off. This will leave your skin lovely and soft and will dry out breakouts. (Keep the rinse in the refrigerator and use it up within two days.)

More Natural Skin Care from Your Kitchen to Help Your Skin as You Lose Weight

Honey is wonderful for your skin at any time, especially when you’re losing weight. Just take a teaspoon of honey and massage it into your skin. Leave the honey for five minutes, and rinse it away. The honey not only cleans your skin, but moisturizes and disinfects it too.

If your skin feels rough, you can use an olive oil and salt mixture as an exfoliant. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of salt, then rub this into your skin. You can use the mixture as an all-over exfoliant.